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Floral Hoop Hire

A true labour of love, this handmade hoop is made of silk flowers and foliage individually fixed to a large hoop, and features fairy lights with concealed battery packs to allow it to be wirelessly controlled by a remote for a beautiful daytime to twinkling evening look.


Visit my Instagram page, and view the Highlights for 'Floral Hoop' to see more videos. 

The hoop is best hung in an open space near a wall, to allow for gorgeous photos of you and your guests at your event. Or, the hoop can be hung against a wall for a backdrop such as during your ceremony or behind the top table.

£100 plus mileage for delivery and collection.



Set up and suspension at the venue

Take down the following day

Integrated fairy lights with different settings for day to evening

New battery packs for the lights

Remote control to operate the lights

Damage deposit is required upon hire to cover the cost of repairs, and returned as soon as the hoop is checked and collected or returned to Heart of Heidi. Hire availability is dependent on location. An invoice for £500 is issued if the hoop is not returned safely or broken.

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